Southern Kaduna genocide: Elrufai’s shameless negligence

While I have thoughtfully struggled to maintain decorum and hold my tongue in the wake of the southern Kaduna crisis, mainly for the purpose of political correctness and facts gathering; it has however become crystal clear that both Nasir Elrufai and the Buhari-led administrations are either a party to the Southern Kaduna crisis or guilty of gross negligence.

From Chikun to Giwa, Birnin Gwari to Kajuru, we have been furnished with substantiated report of gruesome attacks on Nigerians by suspected “Fulani terrorists”. These killings have continued in the most sadistic fashion with both the Kaduna State government and the Buhari administration turning a blind eye.

Southern Kaduna has become an odious killing field, reminiscent of Karadzic’s Srebrenica genocide and Kampuchea under the Khmer Rouge guerrilla.

While marauding Fulani terrorists occasionally foment crisis across various Nigerian States, they however continue on a genocidal conquest in Southern Kaduna, with what appears to be the tacit support of both the Kaduna State government and the Buhari-led administration.

For Mallam Nasir Elrufai (the Kaduna State Governor), an ardent Sunni Islamic scholar and self-confessed Fulani supremacist, “the killings in Southern Kaduna are unavoidable reprisals”.

Like the hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob, the pint-sized cleric cum politician who once confessed to providing financial compensation to Fulani terrorists, has “advised” the people of Southern Kaduna to avoid taking up arms in the face of ethnic cleansing.

Mallam Elrufai, who is infamous for his inflammatory rhetoric has tried desperately to downplay the severity of the Southern Kaduna horrors despite growingg public indignation. The capricious governor who once threatened to return international electoral observers to their countries in “body bags” during the last general elections, continues to evade accountability following every attack in Southern Kaduna.

It is generally accepted that the Governor of a State is the chief security officer of that State; but either by intention or immedicable incompetence, Nasir Elrufai has failed to provide security for the people of Southern Kaduna since assuming office in 2015. It is not farfetched to presume that this might not be unconnected with the miserly numbers he got from Southern Kaduna in the last election and so like his political mentor in Aso rock, he has decided to apply the disgraceful “95/5% rule“. Whichever way, the Mallam has failed in his most important responsibility; guaranteeing the right to life of the people of Kaduna. Governance is not a birthright. If you can not do the job, please step aside, Mallam.

By Cephas Kadiri

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