Launch of our MOOCs/Online trainings

―Press Release―

We are pleased to announce the launch of our first set of MOOCs and online trainings, specifically designed for the diffusion of human rights knowledge, youth advocacy and popular participation.

Today’s realities demand healthy and effective online work models and we are coming to terms with this abrupt change at GPGG.

Our first MOOCs have launched today with the availability of the following online trainings:

1. Civic responsibilities for everyone
2. Making your voice heard
3. History, commitments and a practical approach to defending human rights.

We are also actively seeking translators for course/training content into local Nigerian languages (preferably Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa).

We specially acknowledge Civics academy SA, Center for Democracy and Governance (USAID), Amnesty international, University of Sussex, IMF; for the use of published materials/content.

To start learning, please use the following links:

Making Your Voice Heard

Defending Human Rights

Civic Responsibilities for Everyone

Uwemedimoh Sampson
Team lead,

Grassroots’ project for good governance.

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