North West killings- Protect Nigerians or resign effective immediately, GPGG charges Buhari


Grassroots project for good governance (GPGG Nigeria) has charged General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) to prioritize the security of Nigerians or resign effective immediately.

GPGG’s outcry is premised on the regrettable perpetuation of barbaric killings of innocent Nigerians by bandits and armed groups in the North West geopolitical zone.

While Nigerians are locked in an unprecedented economic crisis over the current coronavirus pandemic, the security situation in the North West is at an all time worst! From Kajuru, Zango-Kataf in Kaduna, to Danmusa and Safana in Katsina (the president’s own State); maruaders and vicious criminals continue to attack and maul Nigerians in the most sadistic fashion.

It is a civic obligation for us, as responsible citizens to demand that the president and by extension the government, be held accountable in protecting the lives of Nigerians in line with the provisions of the constitution.

Since January 2020, hundreds of persons have been killed in violent attacks across Nigeria, but to get the president to perform even the simplest task of addressing citizens, Nigerians have to protest vehemently.

To us it is counterintuitive and we believe that it is a disservice to Nigerians, for the president to continue to occupy office at the expense of tax payers without fulfilling the primary responsibility of protecting the lives of citizens.

It is in this light that we charge the president to immediately ensure the security of Nigerians especially in the North West geopolitical zone or quietly retire to his farm.


Cephas Kadiri,
Director, Grassroots Project for Good Governance

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